Terms & Conditions

++All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS.++

After your order has been approved, you will be sent a PayPal invoice. Invoice will have to be paid in full before I will begin work on your commission. If you decide to cancel your order before I begin working on it, you may request a full refund (minus the PayPal transaction fees).I will notify you when I'm ready to start your commission and will provide screen captures of progress at different stages up until completion. You may keep in contact with me with any questions or concerns through e-mail, social media or Discord. Whichever you choose will be the means I will use to send your finished product, unless requested otherwise.Refund Policy; You may ask for a full refund up until I’ve begun work on your commission. As soon as I'm ready to begin, you will be notified through your chosen method of communication. Once work has started on your commission, refund will no longer be possible. If you're still uncertain, don't hesitate to tell me! I'll be happy to give you more time to think it over before I start.You get 3 minor adjustments and/or edits for your piece once it's completed. Note that anything that was in your request that I might have forgotten will not count towards those.I will not take commercial work at this time.You may use your completed piece in any way you desire as long as it is for your personal use. You may not sell, reproduce or use my art for monetary gains, nor are you allowed to claim it as your own. You may color any sketch or lineart you've commissioned yourself as long as all work is properly credited.I reserve the right to refuse any request I am uncomfortable with on a personal of professional level.Prices are per character.Very detailed characters/outfits may be considered as extras. Please see pricing info for more details.Please be patient; My disability means I can take a little bit longer than average to complete orders, and I like to make sure I do your character justice. For this reason, I ask that you do not entrust me with orders that have a very tight deadline. I will always be available to be contacted for any questions or insecurities you may have. Do not hesitate to IM or PM me.
* Please note that I reserve the right to use your ordered piece in my portfolio or use it for social media promotion once finished. If you would like it to remain private, please tell me!


  • Your human or humanoid original characters, provided the necessary descriptions and/or references;

  • Characters from various fandoms;

  • Couples;

  • Requests featuring nudity or sexual themes, under certain conditions;

x No underage characters;
x No hardcore scenes or extreme fetishes;
x No more than two characters.


  • Extreme fetishes;

  • Extreme gore;

  • Racism, sexism homophobia/transphobia or any kind of hate directed at a specific group;

  • Anything containing any form of brutal violence or hate speech;

  • Underage (under 18) characters in a sexual theme;

  • Mechs/robots;

  • Any requests I don’t feel comfortable with on a professional or personal level.


Please note; Everything on this list is something I'm still struggling with or haven't drawn a lot of if at all. I'm always willing to give these a go if you'd like me to, though!

  • Anthro/Furry;

  • Mechanical limbs/prosthetics.


Here is what you should provide in your art request;

  • The type of commission you would like, including any extras;

  • Basic information about the character(s): Age, personality, general appearance, etc.;

  • Detailed references of your character(s) (Well-lit in-game screenshots in various angles, other artwork, etc.);

  • Visual references and/or descriptions of special markings, if any (ie. tattoos, piercings, scars);

  • Information/references on clothing you want your character(s) to be wearing.

  • Be as detailed and thorough as you can be! If you have a carrd profile for them, a Google document, character reference sheet or anything of the like, don't forget to include it!

  • Information about what you'd like done with your characters. Any specific mood, pose, expression, etc. If you want the sketch and/or to be a particular color, this is also where you should tell me! If you're not sure about some of it, I will just fill in the blanks with what feels right!

  • Additional notes or specifications, anything you think might help me make the order just the way you really want it!

  • Your PayPal e-mail for invoicing purposes. As stated in my terms, I will only start your commission when the invoice is fully paid. If I can't complete your commission for any reason even after approval, I will refund the full amount you paid.

  • Any other notes or questions you might have, I’ll be happy to answer!


Commission TypePrice
Sketch Portrait$30 CAD
Sketch Portrait (Flat colors)$40 CAD
Sketch Half-body$50 CAD
Sketch Half-body (Flat colors)$65 CAD
Sketch Full-body$70 CAD
Sketch Full-body (Flat colors)$90 CAD
Additional Character+100% of base price
Simple Background$10 CAD


I'm an animation graduate and a disabled hobby character artist. I'm a grouchy yet friendly anxious mess who likes playing video games and drawing adorable gays.

I'm a Canadian from Quebec;My pronouns are she/they and I'm a g(r)ay asexual;My favorite color is orange;I have two cats: an 8-year old scaredy black cat and a 9-year-old soft tabby who would most likely hurt a fly...but not much else.I spend most of my time playing video games with my best friend whenever we can find something we can enjoy in co-op or the occasional MMORPG. The rest of the time, we're probably shipping adorable wlw couples...because why not?;I occasionally play Final Fantasy XIV on the Balmung server (Crystal) as Ciel Valke;I also watching certain TV shows and cartoons, although it's difficult to gain my full interest. Some of my favorite ones have been Person of Interest, Elementary, Xena: Warrior Princess, Legend of Korra and The Good Place;I can't work due to physical limitations, so I spend most of my time playing video games or drawing soft characters in love to share with you all;I'm an occasional roleplayer and have been for many years now. I usually avoid large groups in favor of creating smaller stories with close friends;I studied Multimedia Arts in college and 2D/3D animation in University. However, I can't really work a full-time job, especially in the animation or video game industry, as it's a very demanding field.
That's all I really have to say from the top of my head. If I missed anything important or if you'd like to know more about me, don't hesitate to hit me up on social media!